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Addicted Gamer

Hello Guys its ya bot legend here, and im indicted to gaming. I can seem to stop whenever. I need to seek medical attention, as i am experience and pro. Do you think i should join the e sports roblox ream? I can make so much money. Or should i just quit and become a plumber? Just need some help here guys... Maybe a youtube celery star and make 10k a day. I dont dont really know what to do when it is high noon. Maybe ill grow a pair and eat it since my farming lvl is 99. Btw is anyone into cosplay? Theres some much more than just gaming dude. Its a whole brother hood. The other day i broke my mouse because i could not click fast enough. Wooow anyone think i can get a small loan of a million dollars? Sorry gamers i just had to vent.  It boy hit me up album on da mei. 

Thats very tough man, when I have tough decisions to make. I just in the toilet and think it over. Sometimes i take a big poo or sometimes i drink the toilet water. It really gets me thinking to my next decision man. Did you ever try becoming a pokemon leader? you could easily be the very best. I am not sure if you could beat YUGI tho. That is ruff man. So much indeed gaming involved did you try to become a food critic by any chance? you can also do a  bunch of overplayed pranks on youtube. Let me know if you ever need anyhting. im also here for you buddy. We are in this together.