1 Hit Wonder TREBUCHET BEHEMOTH Mk2 Fun Gameplay War Robots WR

War Robots Gameplay with the Absolute 1 Hit Wonder – Trebuchet Behemoth Mk2 Maxed – WR Fun Gameplay Join our WR Discord Community Server – a …


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  1. Whaaaat r u kidding me this thing is pay to win !! MK2 behemoth and weapons It will take a year or cost the same price of a small car! Not to mention camping what pixonic tried to stop couple of years back cause they were so annoying.. so Manni ur boooooom didn’t get me this time sorry 😐

  2. I played war robots for the last year and never signed in to Google Play. Even dropped 40 bucks on it, too. Well a couple weeks ago my karma caught up with me and I lost all my progress. Loki, Raven, Avenger Fury, Ghost Lancelot (with a frickin' sweet Military skin) many more, all gone.
    But the Pixonic tech support pulled an MLG-Pro and I am happy to say I am back in the fight!


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