10 Video Game Sequels With IDENTICAL Gameplay

The last thing game companies want you to notice is just how lazy they can be with their sequels. For more awesome content, check out: …



39 thoughts on “10 Video Game Sequels With IDENTICAL Gameplay

  1. I don’t know if I love this list. But not every video is a hit. I will say you SHOULD do a whole episode on Atlas being a complete rip of ARK and that Wild Card just tricked their fan base out of a lot of money. Same creater models, Same menus, the secret menu on the title screen that just went to ARK SETTINGS? It’s a crime what they got away with and should be on blast all day.
    Pretty surprising that didn’t end up on this list.

  2. Ooof someone didn't do their homework when including Rock Band/Guitar Hero on here. As someone that played both from Rock Band 2 to Rock Band 3 there was a huge difference with the introduction of being able to use a REAL Drumset all the way to the ability to have a Six Person Band including using Keyboard there was a huge difference between Rock Band 2 and 3. And Guitar Hero World Tour started trying to copy Rock Band and introduced using Drums and Mic as well as Guitar which completely set it apart from the games that came before it. Better luck next time.

  3. Whoever wrote this needs to be fired or put in a different position, they dont know anything about most of the games they are talking about, dark souls two was so different when it was released, fans wanted it to be removed from being grouped with other "souls" games, it wasn't even made by the same people. And to hint that Portal 2 (A full game on almost every top ten best PC games lists) might not be as good as the first (which is just a large Mod) is pathetic.

    Watch, eventually they are going to say Team Fortress is better than Team Fortress 2.

  4. This is some of the worst content I've seen on this channel.

    Like the entire comment section agrees, Dark Souls 2 is the opposite of identical.. it's like if Dark Souls 1 was Mirror's Edge Catalyst, then Dark Souls 2 is Mirror's Edge. It's the same franchise, but the movement and combat in Catalyst is so much better and fluid than regular Mirror's Edge.. only Mirror's Edge has a reason to be worse, because it CAME OUT BEFORE Catalyst.

    Also did you completely forget Tomb Raider's entire reboot franchise? How about Call of Duty MW/MWII/MWIII/BO/BOII? Shadow of Mordor? Any EA Sports franchise? WWE?

  5. I'm noticing that in the universe of WhatCulture, the same items are put together in different lists with little change to the items, may it be games or movies, or should I call it strictly Hollywood movies …
    as far as games go, I would've included Spintire and Mudrunner for instance, they are a 1 and a 2 with the same maps , slightly changed here and there, u could blindly play the map in the other game if u knew it from one u played already … and the 3 is to come out in less than a month, that is not to say they're not brilliant and very enjoyable, especially for ones who like it laid back with no CLOCK to beat whatsoever.
    next time I watch a WC list (no pun intended) I'm already wondering in what order will the same items I've seen numerous times be this time … perhaps create a bet with each video to have something … u know, NEW.
    and if I'm surprised, who knows, I may even subscribe …

  6. I must be missing something that everyone else(or at least every presenter has brought up) in regards to Duke Nukem forever.

    Am I the only one who sees the parody here? Take the cliche 70's 80's hero, give him everyone he wants, and add threat = game?

    It may not have been intended, but it is almost a satire. And in a world where mysigoney has really been boiled down to "dissagreement with a woman" it's a satire well needed.

    Personally I rated it a 7/10 because of that.

  7. I've always wanted to get rid of the pokemon levelling system and replace it with skill that increase through battling and other things. Then you could have far more control ove each pokemon, you could have two pokemon but with drastically different power. More attacks and kos equals more power. More hits taken equals more defense, more dodges learns more speed etc. And you could do the same with moves. More a pokemon uses or practices a move the more powerful it becomes etc etc etc

  8. I'd say Left 4 Dead 2 is a way better game than the original and should not be on this list imo the characters are more likeable, there's a fair amount of new weapons, as well as a fair amount of new special infected and all the maps are better imo

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