11 Minutes of Dauntless PS4 Pro Gameplay

A first look at gameplay of Dauntless on the PS4 Pro. In this video, slayers take on a newer Behemoth called Boreus. Dauntless will be available for free on PS4, …


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  1. Game is fun, thats for sure. Most of the negative comments are from those that hate grinding or repetitiveness. Also i couldnt care less whether its a cheap knockoff or not, if the game is fun then its fun

  2. it feels like ign is trying to make the game look interesting but impossible is impossible …. no matter how much money epic games gave u to convince people that a trash is gold it is impossible

  3. Dont play on console since they haven't changed dodging mechanic to work well with processors on consoles as compared to PC. Basically once you get to level 6+ mobs you can rarely if ever dodge their attacks. I wouldn't play the game until the release a patch for this issue.

  4. It's a poor man's clone of monster hunter world….clones always pop up when somthing succeeds. These losers have no creativity vision. Just trying to get paided off the tail wind of a real masterpiece. Play the real monster hunter world game. Dont support knockoffs

  5. This game would be so much better if they would actually make it exciting.
    Literally just make the monsters stronger and have them attack more it’s such a simple fix, c’mon devs what are you doing.

  6. So i got back into the game again:
    Optimization seems better, i can actually have shadows turned on now.
    Running feels like you threw butter on a hot pan and just watch it slide around. The combat also feels like there is something wrong sometimes, especially on the axe.
    Behemoths still become just brain-dead sometimes and do nothing for like 20 seconds.
    The UI got better, still sliders with no numbers.
    The bug that i call: 'got hit but not really' is still happening. You dodge and still get hit somehow and you're unable to do anything but walk while you're invincible until you smack on the ground for no reason.
    Hitboxes seem worse than ever.
    New behemoth effects that just block your vision.
    I'm so glad this rage inducing farslayer at the ramsgate spawn is gone.


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