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41 thoughts on “14 Year-Olds DREAM Gaming/Streaming Setup Tour 2022 | BL Halo”
  1. Your setup is insane! I love how your table wraps around the whole wall so you could fit everything on it, and I also like how you have like 3 different setups for streaming, gaming, and editing. Crazy setup and can't wait to see everything your gonna do with it

  2. Mad setup! It would be even better than it is with a little cable management, trust me when an say it will just improve the aesthetics of it when you and other people look at your setup

  3. Amazing setup but is there anyone else like me who doesn't even want such an insane setup? Like for me just a ryzen 5 3600 gtx 1660 super 16 gigs of ram and a 144 hz monitor would do.

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