3 New Freeze Weapons: RIME CRYO GLACIER War Robots Gameplay Test Server WR

War Robots Test Server Gameplay with 3 New Freeze Rocket Weapons RIME CRYO and GLACIER – WR Gameplay And if you have an extra minute to spare: …


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  1. Wait! Am I missing something??? Is the WR or Minecraft!?!? What the heck is with the weapons? Pixo, wait until you have time to give the weapons the attention they need even if it is just a test server! Haha

  2. These 'limited edition' weapons are a bit unfair and annoying.. they should make a comeback in the distant future. It's not exactly fair for people who fork out tons of time and money; only to not even get what they were hoping for.
    + all of the newcoming players just have to sit and look at cool weapons they can NEVER get again? Kinda messed up!
    Atleast bring them back during related events, like Chinese new year for Yan-di and Dragon weapons? 4th of July for the Freedom Eagle hussar, Freedom avalanch, etc.

    Perhaps they can even do a "Limited edition event" to make money, where they can issue tasks to win certain old limited weapons? Even maybe give them out through the event chests? Or make a "choose your weapon" event if they build up enough token?

    Theres gotta be a way for them to come back, or atleast if possible could you recommend it to the higher ups?!


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