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12 thoughts on “4 BEST Mobile Games of the Week (Phobies, DragonSpear-EX, Quest Hunter + more) | TL;DR Reviews #146”
  1. Phobies looks like a pure indie or just a low-budget work made by just a few people. Judging by the quality of assets that's not a big studio's soft launch. I might be mistaken, but still, I have that feeling. That's exciting that they've managed to make it look so consistent and wholesome.

    I've put quite a lot of time in Punball since I like Archero, and in my experience, I didn't like it as much as Archero. Punball becomes stale a lot faster than Archero does. That's probably because Punball can't create that feeling of "I'll play a little better, dodge few projectiles more and will finally win". it's more random and has less control over the game's flow than Archero.

  2. Glad you finally played the awesomeness that is Punball! Couldn't help but fall in love with that game. Seriously every game this week looks amazing.

  3. Hello niblethor can a ask you a question? do you like games which are completely free like Data WING salvagette neon beat game start: pixel fighter nethack codex mindustry and stranger things: 1984. i like them beacuse there great for free players who hates ads and pay to win and the devs probably care more for quality then money and they get money from selling merch of they're games or by petreon. if i would ever made a mobile game i would make it without ads but with the option of paying money in the game to support me and give more features but i wont make it nececerely to fully enjoy the game.

  4. Nice finds Nimble! I like how you found some cross-play games. I think that adds a lot to multiplayer games and I like the concept of playing on my computer at home and then playing on mobile when I'm on the go.

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