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34 thoughts on “5 WORST Cash Grab Attempts By ROCKSTAR GAMES”
  1. R* games were about single player… stories, DLCs. It. Was. Amazing.
    Now it's just like… Why, Rockstar?

    ps: What can someone do with so much money, actually? This was not only successful company but it was respected by everyone.
    You had so much cash before all this. GTA V BROKE SELLING RECORDS!! IT WAS HISTORY! Why stain everything with microtransactions? You're just a dragon hoarding coin at this point smh

  2. That story what he tells happend to me, some dns code hacker send me loads off money but i had millions, first year of gta online, then they took all my money couldnt do anything about it, then started money glitching cause why play fair if it gets taken away from you unfairly

  3. The whole GTA/Red dead online thing would be so bad if they reinvested to obscene amounts of money tell make to maintain and operate thier own servers

  4. Dutch’s character is rockstar someone we loved at the beginning but hated in the end and as John marston said in rdr2 “you see a man who changed I see one who got exposed for who they truly were” replace man with company and you have what I think of rockstar

  5. Playing gtao in 2015 seem so innocent now 👹 last time I played that game…I got sick of it.i don't know how ppl keep playing it..I can't even look at it

  6. 25 gold cost 20 us dollars and only cost me 8 pound 99 pence your money might aswell be inside a monopoly set lmfao greatest country in the world my arse

  7. Damn this video would be a JOKE in 2015 or before, now it's just a sad fact of life. We expected this from you EA, but not you Rockstar! Why?! It's like the suck up nerd in class getting an F- along with the slacker. You don't expect it from the nerd, so the dissapointment is just so much worse

  8. You forgot milking an 8-year-old game with yet ANOTHER "enhanced" version that's still the same damn game with little to no improvements. The same company that made the whole 3D Universe GTA games in just 7 years (if we count GTA3's development since 1999 until Vice City Stories' release in 2006) AND also Bully and the Manhunt games, just can't seem to get past GTA5 and its huge empty boring map. I guess adding meaningless updates to GTA Online for easily impressionable people with more money than brains is more profitable for them these days. No wonder Dan Houser, Leslie Benzies (and 30 developers with him) and Lazlow left the company.

  9. i purchased san andreas on playstore works well at first, then i needed to reset my phone so all data gone, re-installed the game worked up to the point where sweet was ambushed, got to the carolina parts, exited the game came back only to get a black screen, then returns to homescreen, up until now the game still doesn't work. frick rockstar! 🤬🤬🤬

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