7 Minutes of Code Vein Gameplay – Gamescom 2019

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50 thoughts on “7 Minutes of Code Vein Gameplay – Gamescom 2019”

  1. Problem with y’all is some of you want this to be a darks souls game it’s not it is it’s own thing you don’t have to go full dark souls cause your gameplay is simply based off it if y’all stopped comparing it to dark souls and thought of it as it’s own thing maybe you would enjoy it more

  2. I really want to like this game, I really do. I'm a massive Souls fan. But this… just looks so generic. And what's up with the helper ai? It looks as though it absolutely breaks the difficulty of the game having a constant ai companion. This game has been delayed so long that I really don't have a lot of hope left. Hope I'm pleasantly surprised when it releases.

  3. The level layouts are so painfully generic and mundane, the environments equally uninspired. The weapons lack any visceral weight to them, floaty attacks on slow and uninteresting enemies. This game is so shallow

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