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35 thoughts on “AEW Games 2.Show Episode #5 – Hosted by Allie Bunny (w/ Special Guests Aubrey Edwards & Evil Uno)”
  1. AEW didnt restrict them at all on social media even gave them official AEW Twitch stream. They really supports them in a good way wow i actually never expected the twitch thing. Good for them

  2. 1080p120fps and Fasters Animations, Complete Impactful Move Animations and Sounds like Smackdown Here Comes The Pain Please. Also Maybe you can get Jeff Hardy, Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Steiner all from 2002 3d model scanned and other famous wrestlers. Create a Wrestler would be awesome if all above is included.

  3. Wht the console game needs is Super Finishers.
    Sometimes in a big match a regular Finisher just wont work.
    So you need a Super Finisher.
    OMG Moment would be a good name for it but……..

  4. The GM phone game is great with one huge problem, it's so lagging that I bearly can book a single match in endless without lagging and overheating the phone
    I use M30 3gb ram and even with other games I never had that problem like free fire and pubg and wild rift

  5. So wait AEW is doing exactly what WWE was trying to do and make their roster stream on their own page instead of their own separate ones? Hmm interesting…where's all the idiots crying?

  6. The game is looking alright, seems like they want it to be fast paced and simple to play, which is of course fine. Its wildly requested of the WWE games (I'm happy to WWE doesn't as I like the simulation style, and arcade styles have been offered by multiple indy games).

    Overall, this game seems to be going into the right direction, but why are people so overly hyped? It barely showed anything but a few moves. We know nothing of the game modes, match pacing, online features, character creation, story, etc.

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