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23 thoughts on “Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?”
  1. Hardly a remake, more of a remaster as it's exactly the same game, thought it might have been a whole new game but I suppose the clue was in the game title 🤦 waste of 30 quid IMO

  2. I actually played this a fair bit now and I like it, the art style and new sound are really good, it makes the punching a lot more satisfying. The controls are a bit dodgey but it's a fun game. For this reason the challenge doesn't feel fair like mega man that has very tight controls, so I'd recommend playing on unlimited lives mode. It's not worth full price because it's way too small but at the reduced pre order price it's totally worth it.

  3. Can't speak for the Switch version. But as someone who started gaming with Alex Kidd in Miracle World, I'm impressed with the remake. It looks nice, the gameplay mechanics are a part of the game. Would it be Alex Kidd if it played differently? Watched an Alex Kidd fan playing through the game, I'd say, doesn't seem the hardcore fans feel disappointed either. As I say, I can't speak for the Switch, I have it on PC with an Xbox controller. Maybe the Switch version just did not turn out as great as the other platforms it is on.

  4. Ya but sounds like most people that like the original disagree with this. That's the thing, when people are looking for nostalgia, that's what they want, what they used to have, so pretty much, the same thing with not much change. Just how it is man.

  5. There was no need for classic mode, also if this version was targetted for younger audiences, then it is a real shame that theres no multiple hit system.

  6. I don't understand what is wrong with one hit deaths?!? It means that you need to get better. If it is like the original, you can get plenty of lives along the way

    As for the rock, paper, scissors boss mode, the final boss is Janken the Great. Rock, paper, scissors is called Jan Ken Pon in Japanese, so you're asking for them to change the final boss. It's thematic, tand here is a pattern to to the bosses that does not change throughout the game. It is only luck on the first time that you face a boss. Get a piece of paper and write the pattern down

  7. I was sorta apprehensive about this remake when it was first announced. Ever since I first played Miracle World and Enchanted Castle about a decade ago, and did not enjoy those games, I was worried this remake would retain some old gripes I had. I never liked the one hit deaths, pitiful attack range, and the absurd idea of having rock-paper-scissors boss battles.

    After hearing them say that this remake didn't do much to improve from those primitive ideas kinda proves my doubts. This was similar to the Wonderboy 3 remake. Improve the graphics/music, but keep some primitive issues. Like starting back at the beginning of the game if you die, for example.

    But this is just my opinion. Puts on flame hazmat

  8. Ouch! As a fan of the original, I enjoyed this DX version, and it’s now my preferred way to play Miracle World. This was by far the harshest review I saw, but I understand that Alex Kidd isn’t for everyone.

  9. I dont know why push square gave the game 4/10 but Steam give it 9/10 the game is really enjoyable especially the dynamic atmosphere and music

  10. We must have played a different Alex kid in Miracle World DX lol! I've played the original back in the day and I just beat this one yesterday on the Nintendo switch. It's hard as hell but quite enjoyable. Everything from the music, graphics and gameplay was very good. It's got that Ninja gaiden challenge to it. 8 out of 10 for me. I'm curious what others think of it. I actually would like to see them do Alex kid in Shinobi world next. ( The rock scissors and papers is much easier on this version) it's not by chance either like the review says. The opponent on the last second before the song ends will make his choice and you make sure you pick the corresponding one to beat it.

  11. that bull boss fight remix got me killed on my first run. :/
    the otehr new boss elelemts were quite annoying too.
    and then the castle is as anoyign as it always was.
    the new level neer the end with the cannon enemies is realy anoyign as enemies kill you on touch but the cannon dose not 🙁
    a few other things like kyotie time and multiple hits would have been good too

  12. The rock, paper scissors bit was my fave bit of the original and one of the things that made it stand out. 🙂 I’m still buying this anyway.

  13. Just recently played, haven't completed yet. I Completed the game years ago on my Mastersystem, the gameplay has gone backwards instead of forwards, great pixle art and graphics. Still enjoying the game though.

  14. Even as a dumb kid back then I figured out the Janken matches and is impossible to lose (hint: It isn't RNG or even pattern based). I wonder why the awful controls were kept in this remake.

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