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48 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Ver. 2.0 Free Update – Nintendo Switch”
  1. Nintendo something I wanted to tell you is pin me! And ❤️ me! Btw, THIS UPDATE IS SO INSANE! IT GAVE ME SO SO SO SO MUCH I WANTED!!! Lol that’s I’m asking you to pin me. Also, about Kapp’n. IS IT TRUE I CAN GET STAR ISLANDS WHERE THE ROCKS GIVE YOU STAR FRAGMENTS?!?! Also, can you get those islands before dark? Because I got a plain island before dark that now I think could have been a star island 😔. Please reply! Thank you SO MUCH for the update 😆!

  2. Hi Nintendo! Right now I just have a little with gyroids. I put one in my house and now it sort of glitched to the floor. I was wondering if you could do a 2.0.3 update just to fix that. Thank you!

  3. Nintendo please make it so that all human players of an island gets Brewster's Photo. Only my roommate (the island Main person) got his picture and I didn't even though we both got the thought bubble from Blathers to go find him. It is not fair that the photo was only given to one player.

  4. finally bought a switch after wanting one for so long and now this update is out! Can't wait to play Animal Crossing, I've played the previous games too so it's just amazing that they included Brewster!!

  5. This game is so over rated. Stardew valley is so much better, there is so much to do on it. You can build relationships and this affects what people say to you, in AC the very annoying nook folk the same thing everytime. Also what's with the tools breaking!? SV cost me £7 and I've played it for many man more hours than I have AC.

  6. This update made the game feel so full! I really feel like playing animal crossing now. Something always was missing before now everything is perfect!!!

  7. @Nintendo so are you going to make us pay for the next updates? or are you just going to keep adding on to what's already there oh I would really like if you could add a feature where you can actually use the pool like you can go in the pool swim in it that would be a cool update

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