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27 thoughts on “Another Big Switch Game Leaks Early And Xbox's New Release Gets Off To A Fast Start | News Wave”
  1. Just how bad is the new Pokémon Brilliant Diamond? Well, I have a modded Switch and I don't even want to waste any of my 512gb microSD storage space on that game.

  2. Wooow Nintendo lies oh my so 32milion -minus family subs,, there looking at about 13milion members,, what is going on over at Nintendo,, oh to be a fly on the wall…🤔

  3. Im def waiting for a new MMX, and even mmxdive on console would be nice. But im hoping they put MMX along with his Ultimate armor and Zero in Fortnite. My childhood dream of having a somewhat open world mmx game will come true

  4. Elden Ring not releasing for Switch? What the heck? I'm 100 percent certain they said it was gonna be on Switch. That the whole reason I just bought the OLED switch

  5. It would be cool if the Megaman Battle Network games would come to the nintendo switch for those like myself that have not played it on the gameboy advance system

  6. Console games should just stop dicking around with "performance modes" and just give us full graphics menus like PC games. I know I would love to disable that annoying motion blur on all of my games…

  7. I'm going to be disappointed if Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl don't have any new post-game content added considering Pokemon on the Switch now costs $60, something to give owners of the original games a reason to buy the remakes other than better visuals.

  8. I don’t understand how Nintendo and its subsidiaries can strike gameplay of their game with commentary. Fair use is definitely enough of an argument to have the strike the repealed alone.

  9. In Australia you’ll find managers of game stores will go through and take whatever stock they want as soon as they get it in store. I’m sure it’s the same elsewhere 😬

  10. Horizon 5 is fun but am I the only one who thinks it's a little overrated? It's extremely similar to 4 and other games that do the same thing every release aren't immune to becoming stale why is Forza? I don't understand the crazy high ratings when it's nothing original.

  11. No one cares about Mega Man except for the fan boys. It's not different than Metroid and Bayonetta. That ship has sailed and it's sunk. Get over it. The new generation doesn't know and they don't care.

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