Apex Legends Season 3 Firing Range Gameplay And Night Mode First Look! Apex Dev Stream Recap

First look at the Apex Legends season 3 firing range gameplay and night map gameplay from the Apex dev stream. We also go over the Apex Legends dev …


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  1. They changed EVERYTHING I wanted changed about the charge rifle, PERFECT balance changes, I'm very happy. I just need to hear the damage drop off rate and I'll be happy. I honestly hope it's still usable at range and that it has a place, just not as prevalent of one as it has now.

  2. MISTAKE!! Training room improvement is in the right direction, but the loot should be off the training floor HUGE distraction. And need some SMALL moving targets. Don't get me wrong, my complaining @ss can manage lol. A little more thought on implementation would have been nice,

  3. The new training area/firing range needs to have more npc dummies throughout the map. Have one waving at you from the most distant place possible so you can practice your sniping. Have one up on a high platform that only Pathfinder can get to, let him practice grappling up and kicking/shooting the target. Have one crouching behind a obstruction to practice that skull cap shot.

  4. I just started playing and was immediately very irritated that the training mode was so barebones and didn't let me test out attachments/items/abilities that aren't Lifeline's, it kinda sucks trying to learn everything on the fly especially with randoms so this will be a super welcome (and timely) update.

  5. God… The charge rifle doesn't need a nerf FFS… All these clickbait youtube videos with titles like "THE CHARGE RIFLE IS SO OP!!!!" have caused this. People use titles like that for clicks, and now the devs are actually nerfing a perfectly good weapon. I think it's fine for some weapons to be super powerful, I don't want everything to be too perfectly balanced. I like the fact that some weapons make you feel like a God when you're lucky enough to pick them up, it's part of the fun. So sick of the constant nerfing, first they fucked up the wingman now this. I mean, the wingman is still good, but it's but a husk of its former self. It's awesome to have some super powerful weapons, don't make everything more bland in the name of perfect "balance".


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