ARMOURED DEATH BUTTON BRAWLER – Fenrir Exodus Orkans MK2 Gameplay || War Robots [WR]

War Robots Gameplay of the Fenrir Exodus Orkans at MK2 MAX levels. Meet the Armoured Death Button Brawler – with 50% damage resistance and an Aegis …


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  1. Great video, Ad. Fenrir is a legit bot at all levels. An energy weapon build – a combination of Calamity/Glory +Scourge/Corona/Taran – appears to be a possibly effective Ares counter in 1v1 situations. Continuous fire plus active management of the Aegis and suppression should be enough to power through maxed last stands and retribution cycles. No doubt we'll see a lot more of these in high level champion league play. I need a Fenrir!


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