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Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok Is REAL – Leaked Gameplay Details Inside!

Amazon and Gamestop finally list “Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok”, but there are plenty more details already out there. For more awesome content, check out: …


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I'm big fan of the AC games, the game format of Orgins and Odyessy is refreshing and develing deeper into the mythology of Egypt and Greece was done really well , open sandbox worlds to explore that were beautiful epacsilly in Odyssey , a great cast of NPCs , two very likeable and playable protagonists and naval combat made this games awesome. hope AC Rangerock has this things in it as well but with Norse mythology instead and adding more to the modern day stuff.

A japanese one could definitely be great and wouldnt be "overdone". I mean sure we have Tsushima and Nioh and Sekiro recently, but those are all alot more about the samurai side of history as opposed to the "ninja". Sekiro was a shinobi but he was the last of his kind basically. A story about the feudal underworld and the politics of the era would fit perfectly with an AC game

I really want a Robin hood based game. I think the athleticism of a ninja would be a but of a stretch to keep the same feel of the franchise. Robin Hood would fit in perfectly had the game followed the path of him returning from the crusades. I also think that just because the say they are done with "ancient settings" doesn't mean they'll go futuristic. I hope they don't anyway.

I hope it's like Odyssey with abilities, engravings, mastery levels, the armor & weapon variety just no choices, one character, bring back hidden blades & original assassin templar story, I'd like to recruit assassins again too the idea is to blend old with new not go completely backwards for the ac fans living in the past