Aztech Forgotten Gods – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

48 thoughts on “Aztech Forgotten Gods – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

  1. No me hace falta ni verlo ya sabémos como va a acabar esta historia

    ¡Viva El Imperio Español y a todos los latinos que lucharon por ella! 🇯🇪

  2. I never knew it is possible to combine Aztec and science fiction together, two totally different art styles. It is a very difficult and risky feat to accomplish as a small detail can mean the difference between cultural representation and cultural appropriation.

    The name Aztech is like a technology university in Arizona.
    In Civilization 6 you can create an alternate universe where the Aztec civilization dominates technological advancement.

  3. Fun fact: in the Aztec creation myth, a many mouthed monstrosity kept eating the gods’ stuff, so they beat it up and made it the earth. It’s still alive though, so they gave it blood sacrifices so the ground we walk on doesn’t eat our feet. If that doesn’t scream true final boss (or scream in general) I don’t know what does.

  4. This probably won't reach the devs, but I'm gonna try anyway:
    Your shadows are far too dark in many instances like 0:16 and 0:33. I don't know if you're using realtime shadows, baked lighting, or a combination of the two, but some less harsh shadows and some light probes can help with that.
    You've got a great art style going here. Don't let sub-par lighting ruin that.

  5. Definitely my most anticipated game from the indie showcase.
    Raji from last year made me want more action games set in uncommon mythological settings. Aztech looks like more of what I wanted.
    Cannot wait for a release date (a physical release too maybe?)

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