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29 thoughts on “Baldo: The Guardian Owls Review – One of the Worst Games of 2021”
  1. I have put about 18 hours in and need to get to the desert.

    So much of my time I have felt lost. I am used to the deaths now. I just am not into spending my precious and limited gaming time aimlessly meandering in an unkown direction.

    It could have been great.

  2. Hab das Spiel durchgespielt und muss sagen das es mir sehr gefallen hat. Klar hat es seine Schwächen aber die Rätsel und die Dungeon waren wirklich klasse, musste jedesmal richtig dabei denken wie es weitergeht. Finde es deshalb schade, das man das Spiel so schlecht redet.

  3. I bought it, and I love it, I think the reviewer isn't a very good gamer. These NPCs can be easily defeated once you learn the game mechanics. I will continue to play the game and enjoy it. for me so far GOTY.

  4. I bought it. I watch another review where they said it’s at least 1 hour b4 u get ur sword. I say how bad could it b? I play it for 25 mins and turn it off.

  5. While I agree with the reviewer that Baldo has to some degree all the issues that he mentions, I believe that a 4.0 score is rather low.
    – It is true that the combat is clunky and frustrating at times but also, the game is very generous with respect to health items and checkpoints.
    – I am 10 hours into the game and I have yet to find a puzzle that is overly frustrating. There are some hard dungeons here and there but nothing that you would not see in a regular zelda.
    – The gameplay is far from being tedious. Granted, Baldo's walking/striding speed can be too slow at times.
    – Baldo is hard. There is no hand holding. For a Zelda veteran such as myself, hand holding is really not that necessary. You can find your way if you played action RPGs before (is that the right category?). In my personal opinion, I find very rewarding when I solve a hard puzzle.
    – It is true that the map is far from perfect and to be honest, UI in general can benefit from a revamping effort.
    – The biggest bug to me is the well documented loading issue. Sometimes the game does not load your collected hearts/coins and if you overwrite your save, you will lose said items. The workaround is to restart the game once you see your hearts/coins were not properly loaded. This is super annoying and to be fair, a serious bug in a released game. To the developer's credit, they are working on a hotfix for this issue that is expected to arrive soon and they will re-award your missing items with this fix. At this point you have to be extra careful when loading your game, which is not a nice thing.
    – This game has a lot of strengths. As I said before, rewarding puzzles, an immersive world that (at least to me) invites you to keep exploring, tons of NPCs to interact with, plenty of content that will keep you busy for hours.
    – In my opinion, when you stack the positives against the negatives, Baldo is a very enjoyable game that is way above these low reviews it is receiving. So far I've had tons of fun and do not regret buying the game.

  6. Despite it's shortcomings i was engaged with the game and put up with frustrations until the Savoca Prison boss. Until they make adjustments that allow your character to move faster or something else to balance out combat, I cannot continue. I cannot move fast enough, dodge all attacks and maintain my health, just not worth the hassle. Beautiful game, but don't waste your time.

  7. Sounds like everyone that is hating on this game A) hasn’t played it and B) likes games that hold their hands, if you don’t like puzzles play Mario cart

  8. When you invest 50000$ in graphics and 5$ in gameplay.
    Also, I love how it sounds like the reviewer took how bad this game is personally. Like he had high hopes for this game.

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