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33 thoughts on “Battlefield 6 Developer Confirms Reveal Date – New Halo Infinite Trailer Soon – Today In Gaming”
  1. Tom Hendersson needs to stfu. In an ERA where companies push out unfinished games, I love they delayed it with 2 months!
    Pray it's good

  2. people still seriously listen to Tom Henderson? The dudes a joke. He throws a baby fit when wrong, and acts like a god when right. He literally has a god complex and its hilarious

  3. Quasi-futuristic, National Guard Supremacist/Survivalists use Fake News to invent a war on foreign soil, the National Guard wipe out the US Navy, Airforce and leave the Army stranded (against Zaaambies!!) in Suoiboi City and the surrounding islands. The NG try to ransack Wall Street and the Paramilitary New York Police stop them but its too late because the NG have a Nuke and detonate it. There are maps of Statue of Liberty Island, New York Subway, Central Park, Manhattan Skyline and so on..! THE END!

  4. This is still unconfirmed but hey there’s a rumor DICE will confirm the release of the trailer for the Battlefield really soon

  5. "Battlefield 6 developers confirms reveal date". I must have been asleep during the video, which date in june do they reveal the game?

  6. I feel like they are doing a really good job at hiding info on battlefield because the game is almost finished, and when they announce it, it will be released soon after.

  7. Did you just pronounce "McNamara" like "Mic-nuh-mura"!? It's pronounced like "Mac-Nah-Mara" my guy. Like "marinara" sauce. And tell your people at Dice this community is sick of waiting! Nobody is gonna want to play their fucking game by the time it releases!

  8. I never buy battlefield at launch as its a complete pisstake asking full price for a 3 hour campaign and so so online and its EA and the end of the day 🙄

  9. Wow who ever at ea or dice is in charge of marketing needs to be fired ….you say soon soon then don’t tell us anything then all the sudden say soon rhymes with June…holy fuck I’ve never seen anyone take the wind out of a hype train like that. They have ducked it up already…please be a good game

  10. Think battlefield 6 Will be disaster couple dayes I played bf 4 bf 1 an bf 5 there is one thing on every game HACKERS… auto aim .wallhack . Invisible players how they solve this problem as from 2013 when battlefield 4 comes out absolutely nothing change in this case…..????

  11. Lmao, they're building "Animosity" not "Anticipation" go look up BF6 threads on any forum, people are PISSED. Like you idiots can't even confirm the setting, and the game will probably launch in 5-7 months??? Yeah, you reap what you sow Dice. I had high hopes they'd put out something good and get back to the real battlefield, after that SJW trash that was BF5. The hope's dying though. If anything I'm just expecting it to be like the last one now. Lmao only Battlefield could have one of the most hyped games in the last few years, and instead of capitalizing on showing it to us, and being honest about the game, nah they're going the secret route.

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