Battlefield V Fortress Gameplay and Impressions

Battlefield 5 just released Fortress. A new King of the Hill style game mode with map changes and a big emphasis on Fortifications and attack / defend. I like it …


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  1. Fortifications are cool and all but only one explosive tears it all down and I could be out there killing stuff instead of being Bob the builder. If they were any better they would break the flow of the game too much. Supports could do it but they rarley even wrap their head around giving out ammo.

  2. I bet no one will read this and take it seriously but on battlefield 4 for the ps4, it has manual leaning as well as contextual leaning. It's due to the controller having a motion sensor and in the settings you can make leaning activated by the motion sensor and whallaa you can lean whenever you want with some exceptions.

  3. The spawn system on devestation is absolutley ass in this mode, when u capture c inside church and try to spawn on it u spawn between home spawn and A. So flanking and capture points behind enemy lines is almost not worth it when u cant spawn on those points.

  4. No matter what I think this game is absolutely beautiful and justbthe amazing mix of viechles and land/ air combat. For example in this video at around 7:15 seeing a plane shoot down and gun down friendlies then run to get behind cover is just amazing it feels so … battlefield


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