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48 thoughts on “Best Programs for Your Gaming PC: How to Check Thermals, Bottlenecks, & Use Command Prompt”
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  2. Man, I'm looking at your shirt thinking "that looks just like the Abkoncore" only to look at the GN store and realize that's exactly what it is

  3. I came here today to make sure I checked like on this video . Most of the time I start watching and then bail without checking it. Just always rushing around 🙂

  4. does nvidia still force you to sign in just to record gaming? i stopped using that bull s*** as soon as windows made that built in game recording.

  5. just got hwinfo it showed my cpu speed incorrect. i use higher than 100 bus speed only cpu-z ever gets it right, it actually showed the 150mhz bus but it said cpu was at 4500 not 4650 i have it locked on that speed in bios it doesnt throttle down when not in use

  6. I was hoping you would cover how to open multiple pages of hwinfo side by side & use them effectively. I still haven't learned how to do that believe it or not.

    Oh and please get rid of that pink pig 🐖 in the background? It is degrading your channel

  7. In the future, can you maybe move text captions to the top (or just anywhere not on the bottom) so we can pause and read them? You talk really fast dude.

    Edit: wrote this before getting to the review screen, but still something to think about with caption placement, since youtube for some damn reason won't let you hide the controls overlay or move it the hell out of the video

  8. EVGA Precision? Are you joking? MSI Afterburner is the gold standard for GPU tweaking, Precision is a buggy mess with failing fan controls, not applying settings on loads, dangerous firmware updates, and paint95 RGB control.

  9. A better alternative to lightshot and windows’ screenshot tool is ShareX (you can get it on steam). A lot more useful, customizable and works much better.

  10. FYI I had a bad time with hardware 64 a little ways back caused blue screens while running cienbench 20 to validate stability PBO limits with my system ( R 3700x cooled with syth fuma 2…).I'll never know why, was running stock at the time…Very very good video, I'ma try precision!

  11. General system performance maintenance, I recommend Process Lasso, especially for Threadripper systems. Makes it much easier to control apps, threads, memory profile, performance etc.

  12. Command Prompt .. check problems within your OS for corrupt files.
    > SFC /scannow (System File Checker)
    also >chkdsk /f or chkdsk /r (check disk aka SSD or HDD for bad sectors)

    in Windows Administrative Tools use Disk Cleanup.

    other than Driver issues or having too many Cookies and background Programs.
    Make sure you are not over tasking your CPU and Memory that may cause slow downs or possible Crash.
    Take a Look at TASK MANAGER. (Ctrl + Alt + Delete) will get you there.

    through Control Panel > System > System Protection > System Restore. Often MS Updates or download and installation of Programs will Turn Off your protected Drives. Be sure to check that your Folders, Files, and Drives are Protected as to use SSD/HDD Backup or as easy as using System Restore to correct a problem. "What the heck happen? Yesterday or 2 days ago everything was working great. Now my PC behaves strangely and this stuff here no longer works correctly." If you didn't Backup for system, System Restore may help providing there is a Restore Point. This is why you should check if some program or MS Update had Turned Off System Restore feature.

  13. Instead of using notepad++ or CMD, you should use VS Code and Powershell.

    VS Code has become the most widely used cross-platform text editor and IDE on the planet, and for good reason. Even if I only have to edit an .ini file on a friend’s computer to help them out, I will download VS Code.

    As for CMD, there’s no reason to use it anymore because everything that you can run in CMD you can run in Powershell, and Powershell offers far more and far better functionality for basically every task you can perform, plus you can easily launch it by pressing: Win + X, then I (regular Powershell) or A (admin Powershell).

  14. thank you hey i just got a 780 randomly for my first build will that be enough ive only been playing on a base ps4 i was wondering if it would be worth to get a 2nd 780 and sli it

  15. windows 10 screenshot tool has raised my productivity like nothing else coupled with Teams, sounds like a weird thing to say but when people ask me random shit they can't be bothered to find themselves at work I just win+shift+s and ctrl V in Teams and get on with my day

  16. For stresstesting I prefer OCCT instead of Prime95, it's easy to use and it's a bit closer to a realistic full load that doesn't make the cpu insanely hot in a way it never would in a real application. Prime is just too hard on my poor Megahalems. 🙁

  17. I'm kinda curious, can you make a high end PSU like a Seasonic titanium explode? Would be interesting to see just how much, or what they need to be subjected to, to make that happen.

  18. I'm a fan of using ShutUp10, to remove Microsoft telemetry and the like, and to delay feature updates since I'm really not interested in being a free beta tester for Microsoft. 🙂

  19. I kind of miss the old outro with the cringing modem dialling white noise sound. I remember when I first stumbled upon the channel I almost stopped watching just because of the outro as it is quite disturbing to sensitive ears with quality headphones.

  20. the /d switch for cd is also useful to save having to manually switch the drive by typing e.g. D:
    for tracert, often you don't need or want it to bother resolving hostnames, so the -d switch is useful there

  21. i was hoping for a bit more Advanced Tips, not just the barebones basics :/ LTT and J2C have that covered. GN going casual?

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