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16 thoughts on “Best Souls Game YET???? | Severance Blade of Darkness Highlights Pt.1”
  1. Eat your heart our Souls, your style was done better a decade before.
    This game blew my mind when I was like 8 years old. Such a shame not many people know about it.

  2. Hello my friend. Its so glad to see when ppl still are playing this game. I have uploaded some barbarian pro play. And as i can see you still need to discover 60% gamplay of this unique game. Hope my vids will help you to imagen how small you know about BoD.

  3. Do you by any chance upload the modded game? (The version in this video.) If it’s cracked since the actual game was discontinued to be on sale since the old era when it was newly introduced. I can’t seem to find a proper source to crack this piece of art.

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