Bloodborne PS5 at 60FPS… With AI Upscaling To 4K Resolution!

44 thoughts on “Bloodborne PS5 at 60FPS… With AI Upscaling To 4K Resolution!

  1. really incredible stuff. i just wish sony would give the game attention one last time to unlock its framerate. that alone would be the only reason for me to get a ps5 right now. i hope there is something happening behind closed doors regarding bloodborne but im pretty sure we wont get anything. i mean why bother putting it on the ps5 for free if it runs so poorly? they could easily fix this.

  2. I really hope sony remake/remaster the game with added DLC and maybe even add more content like new weapons, armor, and make a lot of quality of life changes like being about to travel to any map without having to go to the hunter's dream, having your blood vials and bullets restocked after you die like in dark souls, lastly (this is a personal preference of mine) when playing coop, you and your friend can progress through the game together without leaving after killing a boss and not have to go back and do the same thing in your friend's world.

  3. i don't think ANYONE gives a rat's arse about the "image quality" frankly I'd happily have PS3 graphics if this means i could play it with more FPS.
    it's the lack of smooooooooth gameplay which makes this title not having been upgraded to the new generation of consoles…

  4. Most likely Sony will release something bloodborne related this generation. I think they haven't patched because why not release a remaster and charge 60 dollars for it ? It's just money as always…

  5. One of the best games ever made. It's like someone had a nightmare, woke up and made it into one of the most visually beautiful games of all time. The gameplays not bad either😁

  6. I'm sure this isn't on the cards for now, but PC players have gotten to see both Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn released on PC recently. I know we'd LOVE IT if this got a PC release.

  7. I'll be honest, while a remake from Bluepoint would be cool, I'd much rather have a REMASTER from them. I think Bloodborne is a masterpiece in terms of art style, characters, enemies, sound design, music ect. While Bluepoint did a great job on the Demon's Souls remake, I don't think they'd be able to do justice to Bloodborne. A remaster of Bloodborne with 60fps, higher resolution textures, better anti-aliasing and the lighting from the 2014 trailers would be a godsend.

  8. Watching this on a big 4k screen this just seems to have softened all detail and lost any sharpness completely, much, much prefer the sharper, shimmering look myself! This looks like the equivalent of using Dolby C on a tape that was never recorded in Dolby C 😉

    Edit: some footage looks much better than others, admittedly. Interesting stuff nonetheless

  9. The 60fps and resolution looks amazing, however the AI Upscaling looks like complete garbage IMO, and ruins the atmosphere. It looks cartoony at points. Just look at 8:15 , the original looks significantly better.

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