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31 thoughts on “Checking Out a New Physical-Only Switch Game! | Nintendrew”
  1. As per commenter TheEpicPortalMaster: Apparently I was mistaken, and Skylanders Imaginators was actually an earlier 3rd-party title that was never released digitally. Thank you for the fact check!! The claim that this was the first physical-only 3rd-party Switch game was something I was told by SRG, but I should have vetted that more thoroughly. Cheers!

  2. Hi nintendrew, please next time check updates and rewards program on the games you unbox those things really help the collection hobby. Until then we the community should dislike videos that don't follow suit. Sorry and looking forward to improved and better content

  3. I think the idea is really cool and gives an opportunity to have something that a very few number of people will also have. True exclusivity, but also not: because anyone can preorder. Tbh I think SRG is doing this the right way. Anyone who hits it within the window can get it, but after that digital only. Just pulled the trigger and put my order in. Getting a review up and seeing some actual gameplay made it more worth it, because I’ll know what I’m getting. Looking forward to it.

    Hope you manage to get review copies of future shorts.

  4. Raizon a shmup is also like this. But it eventually got a digital release after people complained. There’s a lot like this. You just have to find it and the games that are like this might not even interest you in genre so hearing about I in YouTube recommends and stuff is hard

  5. Looks fun but I'm still a bit miffed that it's physical only. I get you can play on PC down the road but as I'm finding with Limited Run, the physical cartridge gets stupid expensive if the Switch is your platform of choice

  6. I took a look at the site, but it doesn't seem like it takes card. Would I have to create an account for that or does it just not take card at all?

  7. Great vid, Drew. Gotta ask, what settings are you using for your camera? Best example is at 2:19, it seems to be have a very strong sharpness filter, particularly around your hair.

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