Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled PS4 | 14 Minutes of NEW gameplay

CrashTeamRacing #NitroFueled #CTR Some all new gameplay from the remastered Crash Team Racing game that’s coming real soon! If you enjoyed the video …


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  1. The big problem with having clueless people show off the gameplay is that they don't test out the powersliding mechanics which means we can't catch any potential issues/bugs with it. Early on people caught that the 3rd boost moved you forward instead of in the direction you were going and the devs have since fixed that but only because we noticed. If there's any problems with the current build, the game is going to release with them in since they have these clueless morons testing the game.

  2. Spoiler for if you ever come back to this: Mash the drift button to knock TNT off your racer.

    Also, if you hit the other drift button while your burnout meter (the little red one under the course map) is full, you'll get a free boost.


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