Crossplay Explained (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare no radar: Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer gameplay supports full crossplay between Xbox, …


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  1. This is absolutely BS. Mouse and keyboard is by FAR an easier way to aim than a controller. So if I want to play With my XBOX friend I have to play against people who aim with a mouse? If I want to play with a PC friend then ok, but don’t force me into a PC lobby when I’m playing with an XBOX friend. Bullshit

  2. I really hope console players aren’t mad about the cross play, every since I moved to pc gaming I have been wanting to play a nice cod so bad, I tried black ops 4 and ww2 and both the communities died within a month. I’m just excited to have a player base that will last a year hopefully, I don’t care about the advantages either Cause I’ll be using my controller mainly.

  3. Im a xbox player from back from mw2. I now played games like overwatch and siege from the higher ranks. Played enough call of duty in my time aswell. I can savely say this, some people on console are just dirty. Theyre insane. Theres plenty of people that insta snipe your head in overwatch the second you show it. Just so many times you get absolutely destroyed by some people. Pc is ofcourse with a way higher skill cealing but i know plenty of console players that can destroy a lot of pc players

  4. There is this common Misconception that all PC Players have godlike Aim. That is not the Case whatsoever. The average PC Player is absolute Garbage and would only be more likely to win a Firefight against a Console Player, because of the faster Turn Speed and not necessarily because of better Accuracy.


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