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45 thoughts on “Cruis'n Blast – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch”
  1. If you are unsure, this game is AWESOME. The developers are from Chicago. The game is really great, and you can tell a lot of heart was put into it. Highly recommended!

  2. It's been years since these fantastic arcade cabinet racing games got a home console port, I like these kinds of games so much that I would purchase a Switch solely for this game, not kidding.

  3. so in super smash bros crusade
    fun fact:…


    ( waiting in world of light super smash bros ultra: REVENGE

    if you unlock all new gameplay:
    Super smash bros


    world of light: REVENGE
    Episode sonic
    the hedgehog

  4. This just looks like Asphalt 9, but with more steps and gooped in slime.
    I wanted Burnout-style over-the-top Cruis'n, not wacky-zany Cruis'n lol
    I wonder if regular arcade racing games will ever come back… Eh, prob not

  5. Now give us a new wave racer, f zero, hydro thunder, extreme g, 4 wheel thunder,san francisco rush, super off-road and other games in the same vein with the same love and attention to detail like cruis'n blast.

  6. Looks like a racing game you'd make in a unity or unreal tutorial to learn how to make games. Can't believe Corvette let them get a license to use their brand name.

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