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23 thoughts on “Day One, The BEST SURVIVAL GAME EVER MADE | 7 Days to Die Gameplay | E01”
  1. The girls always get pushed towards cooking and farming; that pregnant pause where none of the guys were willing to step up. And they have the freedom to go on about the builds that they think are superior, because the have someone else to do the busy work.

  2. I have this problem like I play on xbox its stuck on alpha 15 I believe but every time I play I dig to bedrock and make a base down there and then like sooner or later like down the road my game crashes then I load back in and the ground where I dug and put my base is completely filled back in and my base disappeared and its gone

  3. I saw a sign on 7 days to die stating: Albuquerque 246, Santa Fe 305, Alamo Gordo 334, Roswell 368. Is this just a random sign they put in or is it a reference to something? I worked out that all the circles roughly intersect just east of Flagstaff and Pheonix… is the game supposed to be set in that location? Are the developers from that region? Is it a reference to a zombie movie set at that location? Or is it just a random sign they put in the game? I'm assuming they are all in miles and not km… thanks for any info…

  4. YUSSS! Some 7DTD content! I've still never played any multiplayer on this game yet. Can't decide whether I should try to find some peeps to start a new world with or not. I'm so use to doing everything by myself. Keep up the great work Kage!

  5. For experienced players perspective 7-days horde-nights are still BS. Well, it is better then nothing but way as zombies are popped around you is just so annoying. Actually it used to have better horde nights at early version of game where whole horde arrived together and then there was pause and then another horde. However load was to great due to unoptimized code. Then they swapped it with UTTERLY STUPID scheme where every dead zombie repops behind you in few seconds.

  6. Strength fortitude makes you a absolute tank. Just smash thru places with heavy armor and pain tolerance. Taking a hits is not a problem. Can grow and cook all your own food. Buy all your stations and vehicles from the traders. And because you can fly tru PIs and quest moneys not a problem. And last but not least….auto shotgun and m60 and three of the best melee weapons in the game. Kage your wrong. We are sorry.

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