Dead by Daylight – Gameplay #7 Playing as The Legion

Killer gameplay as The Legion with breakdown, commentary, tips and tricks. Intro music is Moving Clouds on the River’s Surface from Final Fantasy: Crystal …


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  1. Why did you never mention your add ons in the video at all xd you were clearly using them
    Btw: Survivors usually repair the generator close to them, So, Check generators where you as a Survivor might spawn or check the middle generator.

  2. I was playing yesterday when one team were way to altruistic! All going for saves fast, I'd hook someone and within a few seconds of me walking off to the nearest gen they'd rescue so obviously i turn and get the easy down or hit, after the game as u can imagine…"camper! Tunnelling!" ๐Ÿ˜‚, I said try giving the killer time to leave the area before unhooking ffs, what u expect me not to punish u!? Not happening sorry.

  3. I nearly always unhook it front of a camper tho, it's pretty easy as long as your fully healed.
    Ima say why so that no one gets mad. First let yourself get hit, second unhook surviver then run away from the killer, then lastly profit.


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