Deadly Premonition Part 8 – Funhaus Gameplay

8. ‘I don’t see it,’ the tramp said, after a pause. ‘I tell you,’ the boy said hoarsely, ‘people like us can’t get away from this sort of thing if we want to. Always hungry …


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  1. This isn’t really new they’re all so obviously burnt out with recording gameplay everyday for the last 5 years. Truth be told I feel more people leaving is just around the corner 🙁 sucks but most of their videos haven’t hit numbers that are impressive. :(((( by end of this year they’ll be another member who leaves

  2. I know it's a playthrough, but man this series needed some of the patented FH editing to perk it up. There is only so much fun that can be milked from weird janky game design, inappropriate music, and long car rides.

  3. This is like a totally different channel without Bruce, there’s almost no comedy or funny moments in gameplays anymore and this series is the worst offender, 3 of the four people playing look like they are about to fall asleep and one is desperately trying to get a bit going but has no one to bounce jokes off

  4. You know…mind hunters is only a so-so Netflix adaptation of this game really hate how they didn’t put an life is beautiful Easter egg in the show. They also left out some key characters, the whole plot, and all the movie banter. But I understand they wanted to make “more realistic”.. Whatever at least they kept all the driving in it

    But, I will say that Holden is spot on to his game counterpart Francis

  5. I can appreciate that you guys wanted to do a playthrough of this, but it's not making good viewing seeing you guys so clearly not want to be there. James and Elyse look proper done with the game, whereas I feel Adam is at least TRYING to get into it.


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