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44 thoughts on “Death Stranding Director's Cut Video Review”
  1. This game is perhaps the most pretentious AAA title to be released in the past 5 years. Yes, I “get what it’s saying.” No, I’m not an impatient, juvenile high schooler who just wants to shoot things in COD. I love games that take their time & move at a slower pace- Firewatch, for instance, was wonderful. But this game is just awful.

    Who cares if it has mature themes if the gameplay is based almost entirely around fetch quests? There’s a reason people hate those in other games- they aren’t fun, feel like a waste of time, and exist just to pad out the runtime. It boggles my mind how anyone would find a game made entirely out of ferrying boxes around to different cities and then getting rewarded with fake social media ‘likes’ to be at all a good time.

  2. "… it is undeniable that returning to the world of Death Stranding after the year we've all had was affecting in ways I never anticipated going in. It didn't strike me the first time just how much positive feedback the game gives for every little thing Sam does. …Isolation makes every interaction with a live human being into an event. The hope, the despair, the determination of it all just plain hits differently now, and in ways that make the game one to experience even if you don't end up liking it enough to stick with it for dozens of hours. The Director's Cut still does an admirable job goosing up that experience for maximum immersion. Even while trying to nudge itself towards something more approachable, there is still nothing quite like this game." Well said Dave Klein and well written Justin Clark.
    You've both convinced me to retry the game after a rough attempt at the opening 5 hours last year. Glad to know my time will be rewarded and the overall game will be a little shorter than the original was, since I plan to explore every nook and cranny for all the trophies anyway.

  3. I never finished it on the PS4, but decided to restart the game on PS5. Loving returning to the game, it's a captivating and fascinating experience.

  4. “Played hours 40” lol. This game is over 120h long buddy. Playing this game only for 40h shows me that you never played it like it has to be played. With the multiplayer elements and helping others. Just rushed the story 🙄

  5. The most tedious, monotonous game I,ve ever played. Empty, dull world with careless combat and stupid AI. Moreover it’s way too easy to take down enemies – they hardly fight you. Such a waste of potential. I’m so disappointed and I’m actual a huge fan of Kojima. Too much story telling and lack of gameplay.

  6. Digital Foundry’s review shows there is subtle changes in rock formation and mountains. AKA Kojima gathered data which routes were popular and changed them slightly.

  7. What i did was buy a PS4 copy from Amazon and then pay the £5 upgrade. Saved like £15 that way instead of buying the ps5 edition outright. Anyway, I’m excited to finally be playing this. Been meaning to for a while

  8. Why did you write “Video Review” in the title of a YouTube video like it’s 2006? Like I was gonna click on this thumbnail hoping it was an article

  9. Like the review states, all of the new things are mainly for new players, or players who have already played the game and want start over, but want the early hours to be a little easier. Part of what makes DS compelling is Kojima links Sam's struggle of simply walking in a straight line to how hard it would be to re-unite an entire country with different factions, beliefs and obstacles. However, it's the feeling of accomplishment you get from making successful deliveries and overcoming said obstacles where DS shines as far as raw game play. Many younger gamers who want constant "pew, pew, pew!" action won't get this, but working adults who struggle everyday will relate a lot more to DS than any other group, IMO.

  10. For $10 upgrade no brainer for me. I loved the game, spent over 90hrs and still didn’t complete the main story so this is the perfect way to end what was a beautiful journey.

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