Death Stranding Gameplay Presentation – Gamescom 2019

See the non-final in-game footage of Norman Reedus walking, running, peeing, and then… Geoff Keighly?



41 thoughts on “Death Stranding Gameplay Presentation – Gamescom 2019”

  1. Are you people stupid? Of course the "reveals" are going to be boring. You really think Kojima is just going to "give away" the mind blowing aspects of this game in a snippet? And YES, I guarantee there will be mind blowing aspects of this game. It's Kojima for goodness sake! He wants us to be blindsided. So, yeah, you go ahead, sit this one out and wait for those "objective reviews". While the rest of us actually playing the game and being blown away by Kojima's brilliance, all you'll have is spoilers and the revelation that you missed out on probably one of the biggest game changers in decades. Good thinking.

  2. Ok I'll just say it for real. Either they haven't showed the best parts of this game or I'm just not impressed. I don't give a fuck about pissing in a game like the fools that cheered when it happened. If all this game does is make ladders and explore, I'm gonna skip it. Sorry, I just ain't into wierd baby carrying in a tank shit. I'm about MGSV vibes.

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