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17 thoughts on “DEF JAM CEO says this about a NEW GAME releasing….”
  1. Mannn ATP they need to reboot NY put online and add new people in I guess like dlc with new fighting style and moves we don’t need everyone having the same move styles you get the point what I’m saying and I feel like that story wasn’t quite enough done when we finally got the chance to fight snoopdog but it gave me that vibe like that wasn’t ending more to be continue type vibe.

  2. Bro they need to make it Def Jam Fight For USA and have rappers from all the their hometown states and you gotta beat everyone in all 50 states

  3. Def Jam Needs to Wake up get work on a New Def Jam fighting video game I prefer a Def Jam Fight For NY Remastered but seriously Def Jam needs to wake up and work on it

  4. They didn't fully talk about Syn Shyopia, as People from their company and the head director is currently working on a wrestling game for AEW and are planning on adding gameplay mechanics from WWF No Mercy aka the game engine Vendetta and FFNY ran on

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