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43 thoughts on “Dell XPS 8940 Prebuilt Gaming PC Review”
  1. What I am noticing is that those RAM sticks use the inferior high density chips. There are 4 per stick instead of 8. In theory, the latency is worse than "normal" sticks with 8 chips per stick.

  2. Forgive me, I'm technologically defunct. But I'm looking for a PC to do gopro video editing. Is there any reason why I wouldn't want a gaming PC, such as this, to do such a thing?

  3. 1:08
    dual channel! not quad channel! never quad channel! there is only 2 channels on intel consumer (non-server) CPUs, each channel can go quad rank tho
    here with 8GB modules, which are more than likely single ranked, and with 4 modules (2 per channels), each channel is dual ranked (which is fine indeed)
    with 4 dual ranked 16GB modules or 32GB modules each channel would be quad ranked

  4. The only positive here is that they realized they couldn't build GPUs properly so they asked eVGA to do it, but otherwise this looks like the same garbage as the Dell G5 with the proprietary parts that GN reviewed. Even that shitty cooler that's bolted into the chassis is still there. How many times did they try to sell you a warranty?

  5. I have made a custom PC build with Intel core i9-11900K (I will later upgrade the processor and the motherboard to Intel core i9 12th Gen and ROG Z690 motherboard) and ROG Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial with RTX 3090, 1TB Samsung 980 Pro NVMe SSD and 64GB RAM and 360mm MSI MAG CORELIQUID K360

  6. A quick note on the cooler: I'm planning on doing a video review of the updated cooler I bought from Amazon. It is a Vetroo V5 that I snagged for $30 and I had no issues fitting it to my XPS 8940, dropped temps by 15C, so I max the i7-10700 out at 100% rendering video and it doesn't top 86C now.

  7. i7 11700 doesn't have quad channel memory. You can't get quad channel memory with any current consumer processor. Quad channel or higher is only currently available on HEDT or server/workstation class CPUs. Just because there are 4 DIMMs doesn't mean there are 4 memory channels.

  8. I got one of the white ones with the 3060Ti, i7, and upgraded cooler (this part’s really key) back in April when the shortage was really kicking off and I’ve been happy with it so far. I probably paid a tiny bit more than I’d have wanted, especially for the cooler upgrade simply to ensure adequate cooling, but I needed a computer and things were (and are) super uncertain. I really appreciate the retro-modern case. In white it reminds me of the first PC my dad got back in the 90s, which was kind of my goal.

  9. With a aftermarket cooler and extra case fan Im getting 14100 cinebench multi core. Zero throttling. Its a good stable PC and I was able to get RTX 3060 ti wih it

  10. Doing 55 fps in Cyberpunk 2077 with RT is respectful and is matching Series X Performance, isn't it?
    But I never heard in your videos if you use DLSS with RT, because it boosts the fps noticeably. But you should not use DLSS Performance mode with 1080p because it renders the images with 540p then (if I understood DFs videos correct). Also 12 Gigs of VRAM is very generous of nVidia, isn't it?
    It would be amazing if you would show the expansion possibilities according to HDDs/ SSDs as well with such prebuilds! Are there 2 – 4 SATA power cables on the PS? How many SATA ports does the mainboard have?
    Since I've got a bunch of smaller SSDs laying around I would probably order a lower spec model and expand storage with these SSDs.

  11. which laptop i should buy hp pavilion i5 10300h or r5 5600h for long time and best thermals ? i have to use my laptop for at least 5 years or more so which one is good , does amd ryzen runs for 5 years or not.

  12. That cooler reminds me of the cooler Dell uses on its Dell g5000 gaming PC. Dell offers better coolers on their prebuilts if you opted for a K variant of the CPU which is bullshit they should offer adequate cooling on all of their PCs not certain ones.

  13. i7 11700 and 3060 with 32GB of RAM i have it with an AIO and it cost me lot less than the prebuilt. For that price it is worth it to take your time and save some money 🙂

  14. For the price they are gonna sell this pre built. You can get better custom built with same price, configuration and better cooling and throwing in amd components can save few bucks, if you on low budget, without compromising performance.

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