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25 thoughts on “DF Direct Weekly #18 – Sony Studio Acquisitions, PS5 Chip on PC Board, Ratchet 40fps Mode + More!”
  1. Thanks everyone for checking out DF Direct Weekly! Do you guys have any thoughts on studio acquisitions? Is there a specific studio you'd think Sony should jump on? What's your feeling on the 120hz 40fps solution? And did Rich actually kill that fly? Let us know and see you next week!

  2. I’ve noticed Alex has become a lot more confident or comfortable lately in every video he’s in. His thoughts and words seem to flow a lot better. I’m not one to judge but I’m just happy he’s part of one of my favorite channels

  3. I would really Hope that Sony have NS to emulate all their older games
    Sonys foundation is pretty solid actually I mean the games they had just blew me away with every Console and luckily my parents supported me financially for whatever I bought in my gaming collection and my dad occasionally plays Grand Turismo since he loves cars and a racing fan
    I would pay any dollar they ask of me since now I can support myself if they give me a subscription for the games that I presumably missed cause the total library of OG to PS3 is so humongous that they can literally give a game per week free for the rest of ten years or more but definitely not less
    This way they have a solid system and nostalgic voyagers would go there since Playstation was basically the go to games for like previous two decades
    Well i would really want to see that turned out the way I hope it would

  4. Speaking of that 120 Hz, 40 fps mode. More developers might also want to look at 50 Hz output if their games cannot quite hit 60 fps. That's what I did to get stable framerates in some games, like AC Odyssey on my 4K TV

  5. $75 for a "discount" on a bunch of games that are being shoveled out with mishmash elements in order to work better on mobile and tablets. The Final Fantasy Pixel "remasters" (cashgrabs) are a scam. The only benefit for fans there seems to be the reminder to go back and play the originals, because Square doesn't seem to know how to do a remake besides like 5% of the time when they turn out decent (PSP Final Fantasy IV complete, etc). Square has been one of the biggest disappointments in gaming since the turn of the millennium. I miss Enix releasing unique stuff to compete against them also. Gamers really lost out when they merged. What happened to taking chances? Torneko no Daiboken is a good example. More unique than anything SquareEnix has squirted out since their merger. Cookie cutter boy-band garbage. Glad Dragon Quest is (seemingly..) holding strong though.

  6. The Ryzen 4700S is confirmed by AMD as the Xbox Series X APU.

    It says on the f*cking website!!

    Also it doesn't have the GPU enabled because it's flawed.

  7. You know that most PC owners don't have anywhere good enough systems. Just saying as someone 2ho has a good PC and a PS5. Its sort of a pointless thing to say.

  8. Watch next year, Insomniac is going to fully utilize the PS5s potential and we are going to get native 4K 60fps RT. Insomniac games is the standard right now in this gaming generation. Ratchet and Clank by far is the “ Next Gen” game in terms of performance and looks.

  9. The best integrated GPUs out now are on the PS5 and Xbox Series X but AMD won't release these APUs with the same GPUs from the consoles.
    AMD would make a ton of bucks selling these console APUs with the same GPUs for the public, especially since some people still stick with iGPUs and Radeon Vega iGPUs for PCs are heavily gimped compared to their console and PC discrete counterparts.
    They could sell them as gaming APUs with console-quality graphics and performance. A happy middle-ground between extreme budget APUs and costlier gaming setups with discrete GPUs.
    They would be sold a bit cheaper than the actual consoles, maybe $399 or $449 because everything else because it would only have the CPU, GPU and RAM while everything else has to be bought separately.

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