DIGIMON REARISE | Soft Launch Gameplay!

Digimon Rearise is now available in one country… yeah one. Canada. But here is the soft launch gameplay! ———– JOIN OUR YOUTUBE/TWITCH …


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  1. Little tip: For Clash Battles Veemon is the best of the digimon that can only evolve to Ultimate since both of his skills are single target, and also his passive increases his own PWR, there a no "ultimate skill" all Digimon have just two skills, what you were talking about is the special skill or frienship skill in japanese verison that is pretty much an extra skill use for the digimon that you choose as your Partner and you can change that later

  2. Hey Koolio what's up man. Quick question. I happen to have a JP account & I kind of gave up on it due to it (like you said) being old & just the feel of "I've played so many games with this mechanic". Another reason was, well everything is in Japanese lol. I'm willing to give it another try again once it comes out globally since now I'll be able to read & understand everything. Will there be a way to chance my language for the game on my JP account ? Or will I have to start over ?


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