"DOOM'S GONNA KILL US ALL!" SLAYIN STREAMERS Overwatch Top 500 Doomfist Gameplay (Samito)

“DOOM’S GONNA KILL US ALL!” SLAYIN STREAMERS Overwatch Top 500 Doomfist Gameplay (Samito) Leave a like if you enjoyed & subscribe for more: …


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  1. Sam's an idiot, complains about no skill moira because she's able to get her ult through orbs, then plays doom and just punches into enemy team, gets a random kill unless he randomly hit a tank, uppercuts then slams out with 60 ult charge. What a ****ing braindead person.

  2. Sam you complain too much just remember it's a game and have fun. Most people playing are playing just to have fun but you start to complain about every small thing and it kinda ruins the experience for your team and ruins the streams when every game you're raging about how Orissa won't pull for you exactly whenever you ask. Just to prove my point whenever you make a mistake no one says anything but whenever some one else makes a mistake you're on them like a tick. Just remember it's a game and people want to have fun not have a coach yelling at them for little mistakes.

  3. Tracer is an high risk high rewards character, cause she hasnt 1shot ability and she s 150hp, doom can reach 400hp and has 1shot ability+CC+escape ult.
    Cmon dude i like you but don t say that s high risk cause it s not, you need a good communcation and game sense on doom, but thats all.


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