Dork Qiyana gameplay in NA Challenger

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30 thoughts on “Dork Qiyana gameplay in NA Challenger”

  1. Andre here bro. Hey i didnt wanna say this in the discord cuz its quicker. I hate new asol and i think im gonna fall on plan b which is to play support forvever. I wont be in streams much cuz school is taking all my time. Ill try some builds maybe on asol to see if they work but for right now i cant be asked to play him and its depressing

  2. They shouldn't rework A.Sol.

    They should revert him to the old toggle state and just lower the damage of EVERY champion who bursts anyone from 100 to 0% in less than a second. There's just too much burst damage in the game, every second champion (even supports) can kill you in an instant.