Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – New Vegeta Gameplay Demo | Free Roam & Training

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – New Vegeta Demo Gameplay Free aroma and training. Stay tuned for more Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Follow Me on Twitter: …


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  1. One thing I wanted to point out guys. You guys know how on the Goku gameplay we see when he is flying and he turns his boost his flying animation looks just like it does when he is fighting someone and flys in. He has a separate animation when he is just flying with no boost(in free roam). I want his animation when he is boosting(in free roam) to be the same when he isn't boosting but with boost lol. That looks more like how Goku would fly with boost. Kinda like how we see Vegeta here. He has two different boost animations depending on if he is free roaming or in battle and I like that. We need that for Goku too. Does anyone see what I'm trying to say here??

  2. I like the dodge mechanic but after watching multiple videos with major fights it appears combat was not THE priority, more of a story driven open world game. Fine by me, wish tenkaichi 3 would get a remaster really miss that game. It sells for over $150

  3. Never ending darkness (updated!)
    Light stamina break
    Aura slide (second input when you do to double slice)
    Evil eyes
    Sudden storm (dash forward a little bit if they don't come towards you after sudden storm then ill flash)
    Ill flash
    Revenge death ball
    (Definitely need "now it's my turn super soul also need 8 bars of ki not meditation but just need 8 bars of ki) updated name! Cool isn't it? Someone helped me


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