Dream Witch #64 | Identity V | Gameplay

GAME: Identity V PC INFO: Notebook Samsung Essentials E30 PLAYER ID: 175658 (nunnogui) DISCORD:



42 thoughts on “Dream Witch #64 | Identity V | Gameplay

  1. IDV might bring back the Junji Ito crossover collection!!!! We just have to wish for it and message the developers!!!!!

    Guys please message the developers, they told me they took it into serious consideration after asking them so if enough people want it they might bring the Junji Ito collection back! 😀

  2. Im always watching your dream witch's gameplay. And right now, this is your most excellent gameplay so far! Your multi-tasking skills is so good and all I can say is wow. That hunter is made for you. Kudos to you sir and please keep on uploading your DW's gameplay. I actually bought it yesterday and I'm trying to pick some strategies that are based on you gameplay 😍😍😍

  3. T__T this days its discouraging using dream witch because of her nerf is surreal T__T

    Bruno hopefully you can help me out or any who knows

    I wanted to play Identity V on my PC. I downloaded it but I can't log in and its stating that
    " This browser or app may not be secure, try using a different browser"

    Hopefully you can help me 🙏 I dont know what to do next T__T

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