Druidstone: 15 Minutes of Gameplay

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  1. in the game, there are a lot of missions with timer : why did you introduce a max number of turns in the game ? why did you force the player to rush in a turn-based game ? it's so illogical. Another big mistake: why can't we quietly explore the map and clean the map? why monsters are spawning all the time ( red portal) ? What a mistake ! you have condemned the game just with this feature ….

    edit: there are missions after level 4, that are not spawning infinite enemy , that is so fun to play… and there are so many spells we can use, it is very good.

  2. That victory sound made me think about final fantasy It's very, VERY similar.
    Oiko looks a lot like Vivi from FF9

    The name, animation, and effect of the ability focus is exactly like Vivi's too!!!
    There's just no way these are coincidences. ๐Ÿคจ


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