Elsa Bloodstone Rank Up & Gameplay! – Solid Fun Damage Dealer?! – Marvel Contest of Champions

Today we take our first look at Elsa Bloodstone as we put her to the Act 4 final chapter test to see if she can take down Arc Overload Iron Man, Magik & Maestro!


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  1. The Elsa Bloodstone haters are just those guys who spent $1000 on her and didn't get her. Either that or those who got wrecked because they didn't read the nodes on her Uncollected boss…
    anyway I'm calling that Kabam will make a node that significantly reduces your damage unless you've Evaded in the last few seconds.

  2. Hey seatin I have a question, when I updated the game it's asking for some permissions to my account, did you do that as well? I denied it but then it won't let me enter the game. I'm asking because Kabam hasn't asked for any permissions before.

  3. I think she's perfectly fine the way she is, I don't want and nor do I expect every new character to be god tier or Beyond god tier. That should be kept for certain champs. And in regards to her abilities. As long as they are good crit hitters that cause plenty of damage to get you through Quest. Then thats all that matters.


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