Endless Stealth? NEW Legendary PURSUER Pilot – War Robots Mk2 Gameplay WR

War Robots Gameplay with the New Legendary Pursuer Pilot increasing the Stealth on the Pursuer – WR Mk2 Gameplay Join our WR Discord Community …



47 thoughts on “Endless Stealth? NEW Legendary PURSUER Pilot – War Robots Mk2 Gameplay WR

  1. A glitch I’ve had happen with the AoMing is sometimes when I get to the highest possible point in a map while flying and try to land ….it will land in the air and is able to walk around IN THE AIR. lol was trying to land in safety but there I stood…. in the air 🙁

  2. To be honest the shotguns range should have quite a large nerf. They are SHOTGUNS, they shouldn't have the same range as sentry guns and rockets. I believe they should be nerfed to like 200m at least or more that way they do tons of damage at close range, not far away. Then that way every weapon in the game will be special with the shotguns being powerful at short range, rockets at 300m, then sentrys at 500m, and lightning weapons at 600m

  3. I mean the pursuer has 3 lights, the ao jun when in its ability basically has 3 heavies. Both are in stealth for 10 seconds except the ao jun also flies on top of that with more speed plus having more health. Ya…. i don't think 2 seconds of extra stealth gonna save the pursuer

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