Enlisted Open Beta Review – Simple Review

10 thoughts on “Enlisted Open Beta Review – Simple Review

  1. Enlisted is an MMO FPS game that suffers from a unbalanced AI system and lack of diversity in weapons when starting out. Comment below if you have questions ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. As with any Gaijin game, PROFIT > ANYTHING ELSE . The game is full of bugs, but at the same time the amout of microtransactions is trough the roof

  3. The only thing that holds this game away is the squad AI its so dumb lol I hope gaijin fix this sooner. This could be the best game ever. Could be better than War Thunder it self.

  4. This game looks like straight dogwater. What does this game do better than HLL or Post Scriptum besides being โ€œfreeโ€? Appreciate the review though!

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