Esmeralda New Skin Gameplay | Poison Vine Esmeralda | Top Global Esmeralda by HANSSAMA Mobile Legend

Esmeralda Full Build : / Demon Shoes / Calamity Reaper / Feather of Heaven / Holy Crystal / Ice Queen Wand / Antique Cuirass / Esmeralda Rank Player: …


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  1. Just a piece of advice esme user wannabe dyan.
    Wag gayahin build nya haha.
    Pwede yung emblem set pero ung build wag dahil may ksama at squad sila haha.
    Pwede nyong build nyan gamit retri cd boots calamity green item ng tank pra sa shield nya.
    Rest depends on you ^^
    Kaya unli shield any build basta may makunat na klaban.


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