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41 thoughts on “EVEN MORE PS4 GAMES THAT ARE BETTER THAN EVER ON PS5 | PlayStation 5”
  1. This happens to every gen consoles …soon new gen consoles will start to drop fps as soon as devs starts to make games for them…My only wish is that let this era be in 60fps as standard refresh rate

  2. Not sure if this game was on the first list “Dead by Daylight” looks so good on Ps5. I remember on PS4 pro, I would think how ugly it was, but it was defiantly a huge improvement. I kept looking at the detail in the backgrounds. Also, I just got a new TV.. and the colors and hues are so beautiful.

  3. The same for me on PS5 and it does on PS4 because it's not made for PS5 yet. It loads pretty slow too which I find pretty funny. I started playing it a second time through when they added infinite ammo and all that stuff just to get some more trophies and out of boredom so I put it on my PS5.

  4. It’s important to note the titles, even when checkerboard, TARGET 4K, and mostly run a good bit lower. The 60 FPS however is almost a no drop lock on all titles.

  5. Sekiro was stuck on 60 fps even on the pc. Even at max settings, 1440p it stubbornly used about 30-40% of my gpu. Never seemed to be able to unlock the cap.

  6. I was able to finally procure a PS5 5 days ago. So far I've only been playing the director's cut on Ghosts of Tsumima but I had just recently finished the game on my PS4 so I noticed a huge difference instantly going from 1080p to 4K on my beautiful Oled TV. I've been extremely impressed with the PS5 so far and it's worth every penny. I have Days Gone installed for my next gameplay as I've been itching to play through that game again.

    After that I'll probably zip through The Last of Us 2 and then definitely Horizon Zero Dawn as that is still one of my favorite PS4 games to date and as sexy as it looked on PS4 in 1080p, I absolutely cannot wait to experience it in 4K on the PS5. Super excited to play one of my favorite all-time PS4 games on the PS5.

    Watch Dogs Legion should be arriving in the mail tomorrow but that will be my first play-through of that game.

    I'll probably go back and play other game titles on my PS5 such as all of the Uncharted series and releases and one of my all-time favorite movies turned video games, Mad Max. An amazing Open World Post Apocalyptic game that is hardly ever mentioned sadly but is due a little attention.

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