Every PUBG Player Should Watch this to know How Conqueror Lobby Gameplay looks like – Hacking Expose

In this video, I am going to tell you and also show how is the conqueror lobby Gameplay and Reality of PUBG mobile against Hackers. Follow me on Instagram …


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  1. 2:48 se 3:00 na buggy na map m show hui, na koi firing hui, fir tumko kaise pata chala ki bande exactly kahan hai? Tum seedha bande k samne ja pahunche? Or bhi bahut proofs hain tere YouTube p. Saalon tum apni clan m hi hacker palte ho… Fir koi or hacker mil jaye to randirona karte ho. Tum karo to theek, koi or kare to galat. Public ko chutiya samajhte ho?

  2. Ye khali conquerer league Ka matter nhi hai Kam league pr Aate hai bhosdhi waale ye me HR Roz sochta hu ki aaj kill lenge zyada khelte hai Raat me hi bass time milta hai pr bhosdhi waale ese hi Aate hai phle me b Acha khelta tha itna Bura nhi tha khelne me pr ab hacker hi hai 80percent isme or pubg isko kbi banned nhi krskta or me ab chod hi dunga ye game cheating se pta nhi saalo ko Kiya milta hai khel k

  3. Lol ur device is tablet m sure…
    That itself is a cheat
    When u play on device think whether u can compete fairly with other o not.
    M sure there will no tournament which use tablet as d device…

    If you don't know definition of MOBILE u can search for meaning in dictionary


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