Faramis New Hero Gameplay | The Alchemist Faramis By •ly4ly4ly4 | Mobile Legends

Faramis Full Build : / Wizard Boots / Cursed Helmet / Fleeting Time / Ice Queen Wand / Blood Wings / Faramis Rank Player: •ly4ly4ly4 JOIN to our Membership …


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  1. Can you evaluate my item tree too?
    I’m willing to bolster the effect of lightning truncheon these days so I always used clock of destiny and ice. Would you think that it’s quite good item tree?

  2. Hey i have a match most epic comeback sorry bad english im from philiphines we dont have a tank then our marks man is feeding the win decit of 29 becouse our miya is feeder i want to show my match in your youtube
    Ign n o t h i n g


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