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Lost Ark Gate of Harmony Guide

Gates of Harmony is one of the sailing co-op events available to players in Lost Ark. The event requires players to play under two teams in a mini-game tournament that ends with a good source of Gienah coins, a treasure chest, provided they have the key to open it.

In this guide we will examine the Gates of Harmony event and explain the steps on how to obtain the prerequisite for it: the Key of Balance (aka the Key of Harmony).

Where is the Lost Ark Gate of Harmony?
The Gates of Harmony are on the Scepter Sea, west of Asetin. The gates are only open at certain times of the day and on certain days of the week.

It is best to check in advance when you can visit the island using the calendar in the top left corner of the screen. Just check the date and see Available Content > Sailing to see if the Harmony Gate will be open that day. You can also set an alarm in the calendar so you don't miss it.

Alternatively, you can also click the alarm clock icon in the top left corner of the screen and then click the gear icon to bring up all alarm clock settings. Go to the Sailing category and hover over Harmony Gate to see this week's schedule. You can also set alarms using this method.

How do I get the key to balance?
You can earn the Key to Balance by participating in sailing co-op missions that take place in Vern, Arthetine, and Anikka. You can also check the available time for these co-op missions from any of the alert settings or the calendar.

The Harmony Keys stack, so you can collect as many as you can, then use them all on a journey to Harmony Gate. Please note that before you can unlock the ability to travel by ship, you must complete the "Voyage of Initiation" mission, the final mission in East Lutra's story.

To get the Key of Balance, you simply need to complete the daily co-op quest "Catch a Jellyfish" or "Drowning Man". Both tasks yield the key of balance. Although these daily quests have a clear start time, there may be a delay in some cases.

These are the steps players should take to find these tasks.

You should see a blue stopwatch icon on the left side of the screen. Click it.
A settings icon will appear, select the little cogwheel in the top right corner of the menu.
Scroll down and select Sailing.
There should be two arrows in opposite directions, one black and one white. When you find a task, press the button on the left to select the task you want to do first. As a result, the location and schedule of the activity will be marked on your map.
Choose a daily task and complete it (catch a jellyfish or a drowning man).
Completing the daily task will give you the Key of Balance. You can then go to the Harmony Gate to join the event. It's worth noting that you can get more than one Key of Balance at a time, and these can be used on items other than the Gates of Harmony.

Sailboat Co-op Mission: Catch a Jellyfish!
Jellyfish of different colors spawn and move. Your goal is to kill as many jellyfish as possible before time runs out. With the harpoon (W key) you can damage the jellyfish, it takes about 3 hits. Once the jellyfish is dead, a floating item will appear for you to catch, which will give you 1-6 Gina Coins.

The time limit for this competition is 3 minutes and the goal is to catch at least 390 jellyfish. Every save that participates in the event contributes to this goal. So as long as enough people attend the event, you can complete the quest and get the Key to Harmony.

Enter the Harmony Gate of the lost treasure
Once the Gate of Harmony opens, you can enter the portal and be taken to the Sea Arena with the other players. After the preparation time, all players will be divided into two teams at the beginning of the event.

Harmony Gate generation time
Once you have acquired the Key of Harmony, you can begin your journey to the Gate of Harmony. However, since the Harmony Gate is a special event, it can only be entered at certain times of the day.

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