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36 thoughts on “Forza Horizon 5’s Confusing “Day 1” Game Pass Launch Day”
  1. Nothing confusing, its GamePass Day One on the 9th, and like so many other games over the years, you can pay to get early access, PAY FOR THE GAME OR EXTRA CONTENT GET EARLY ACCESS. Whats so hard to understand, are people really this dumb, Gamepass is the standard version, Day One, Not the Deluxe, The Premium or Even The Extra Content, read things, it's stated clear enough, been said for weeks.
    Get a life some of you, this is so boring 😴.

    Destin, they know exactly whats going on, don't entertain them.

  2. Dude. It was clearly explained. I downloaded it a week ago on my Xbox. But couldn't play till 9th because I didn't play for early access . It's simple.

  3. My problem is not being able to start the actual game, it lets me into the loading screen and shows to press A to start but doesn’t do anything when I press A or any other button

  4. Ultimate editions of Forza Horizon have come with early access since Horizon 3,. When Horizon 5 was announced they said the standard edition would be included with gamepass. There should be nothing to be confused about or anything for criticism.

  5. For everyone who just can't wait I "heard" from a friend that you can set your system location to uk and you can play at least 5 hours earlier 😉

  6. Microsoft needs to work on that, because I try to play over the weekend and found out that I couldn't and I'm subscriber to game pass. These early access crap is going to give game pass bad optics.

  7. I am still struggling to find the negative in the strategy. BF did the same thing and games that go that route also offer incentives to upgrade the edition of the game. The game store says available on the 9th. So I do see some trolling in that tweet but nothing too extreme. Anyway, good video and cannot wait to play this game. Happy gaming everyone

  8. You know people can download the game. It just wasn’t able to play unless you had the premium edition add on. I have it downloaded already. Tonight will be a lot of fun

  9. People are only bitching about this because it's Microsoft. smdh. No one is making you buy the Early Access. Lmao. Just wait until it comes to games pass. why is this so hard for people to understand. This is ridiculous.

  10. Part of the issue was that when you Googled "Forza Horizon 5 release date", it showed the Early Access date at the top of the search. It seems like it's been fixed now, but that's what confused me.

  11. There’s nothing confusing about it. The game doesn’t officially release until November 9th. Those that pay for the premium edition which includes two expansions, VIP Car packs, etc will get access to the game 4 days early as an incentive to buy.

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